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It’s Knowing Who You Are – An Interview with Musician Julia Gottlieb

To be called a struggling artist is a term that sounds a bit defeating, but to those who have experienced this point in their artistic career it has been known to be a turning point.  In this time, artists of all mediums are digging deep and being challenged to not only find who they are in their art form, but also finding the chord that opens the world up to what they can do.
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Meet Julia Gottlieb: Genre-Bending Song Stylist Extraordinaire

Music is a common denominator for many of us.  We can’t help but to connect with artists who speak (or should I say sing) directly to us. As the music industry shifts and more outlets are available we have greater access to new artists and different styles.  More new artists are getting a chance to be heard and experiment with different genres and forms.  I recently spoke with an emerging singer and musician whose unique approach is to blend different musical genres; Julia Gottlieb is her name,write it down.
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Julia Gottlieb Conquers Her Fears with Upcoming CD

Emerging artist Julia Gottlieb overcame her fears to release a CD of various styles-from jazz to waltzes to Brazilian music-with one unique voice. Growing up surrounded by a family of musicians in Western Massachusetts, Julia Gottlieb doesn’t remember a time when she wasn’t singing or playing an instrument. Her mother filled the house with Bach and Brahms, and played songs around the piano every night. Her grandfather played the fiddle and the mandolin. Her uncles played guitars, drums, and bagpipes.
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Julia Gottlieb- a multifaceted artist

Singer Julia Gottlieb’s style is hard to categorize. She’s strongly influenced by jazz, yes, but her influences are also folk, swing, country and even classical. Not only does Julia have a distinctive style, but her smooth, sultry voice is unique as well.Born in Western Massachusetts, Julia was introduced to music at an early age. Those on her mother’s side of the family were musicians and her father had a great appreciation for music, Julia grew up with music. She says that every time the family would get together it always was a musical happening at the house. Julia learned how to play the piano and the recorder and tried out the violin for a short period of time. Read more >

Introducing Julia Gottlieb – A Musician with Heart

Julia Gottlieb, a vivacious, talented singer and song stylist who is about to make a name for herself. With influences ranging from Bach, Bob Dylan, Billie Holliday to Chet Baker, Julia is inspired by all genres. As she passionately explains, “I internalize their music so deeply. Their heart shines through.” For Julia that is what is truly important, music with heart. ReadMore >