What They’re Saying About (and to) Julia:

Julia, I just listened to your CD and thoroughly enjoyed it. I was amazed. Your voice is so polished. It’s beautiful! I will listen over and over again.
The pure, unpretentious, relaxed quality of your voice; the confidence you exude in your choice of material. When I hear you sing it just draws me into your world and I am delighted to be there. A beautiful place to be.

I am impressed!

PS. please send me a finished copy.
I’ll pay for it!
Buster Williams

Julia Gottlieb has the sound and the substance of a talent with star potential.  Her coolly insinuating sound calls up the laid-back style of Chris Connors as well as the sexily girlish rhythmic approach of Blossom Dearie.  Add to that her own surprisingly mature gift for telling a musical story, whatever the style or genre, and what you’ve got is something very special, indeed.  The only real question about Ms. Gottlieb is why she is still an unsigned artist.
Don heckman

Julia Gottlieb is that rare kind of singer that owns a song from the inside out. Not only does she completely understand the storytelling and emotional aspect of a song, she is an immaculate vocalist with complete control of all the technical aspects of singing. Combine that with her uncanny ability to make every song….. be it folk, country, jazz, or Brazilian….. sound like she invented it, and you have a world class talent that is ready to captivate every music lover from the layman to the most sophisticated listener.
Larry Koonse

Julia Gottlieb, a vivacious, talented singer and song stylist who is about to make a name for herself.
LA Splash

Julia is an exciting new talent who has taken elements of jazz, pop, country and folk music to create her own unique sound. With her new CD of vintage and classic songs, she is positioning herself as a bridge artist to her generation,
The Examiner

An eclectic artist and song stylist, Julia’s sound spans generations; think Norah Jones meets Chet Baker

Julia Gottlieb is a masterful singer, with a laconic, sultry delivery that smiles at you sensuously through the smoke.
Paul Rapp Metroland